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The following are documents and articles tied to our Kansas Collection. This includes a book about Rosedale's history written by Margaret Landis along with the Then & Now series she wrote for The Kansas City Kansan.

Selected Documents & Articles

Views of the Past Series
This is a history of KCK in a pamphlet series sponsored by the Kansas City, Kansas Bicentennial Commission.

Title Description
Series 1: Old Wyandotte Overview of the settlement of Wyandotte area.
Series 2: Annexation of Riverview, Old Wyandotte City, Armourdale and Armstrong Provides information on the first communities in the Wyandotte area and the annexation of smaller communities.
Series 3: Important Dates in Wyandotte County - Part 1 This is a timeline of important dates by months between January and May.
Series 4: Important Dates in Wyandotte County - Part 2 This is a timeline of important dates by months between June and December.
Series 5: The Great Floods of 1903 and 1951 Information focuses on the floods and their impacts on property and people.
Series 6: Carnival Park - Part 1 Details and highlights about KCK's Carnival Park.

Rosedale History
Margaret Landis wrote Winding Valley and the Craggy Hillside: A History of the City of Rosedale (copyright 1976). The following are chapters from the book.

Chapter # Chapter Title
Foreword --
Chapter 1 Prologue to Rosedale
Chapter 2 The Coming of the Railroad
Chapter 3 The Kansas Rolling Mill
Chapter 4 The Early Churches of Rosedale
Chapter 5 The Schools of Rosedale
Chapter 6 The Eleanor Taylor Bell Hospital/KU Medical Center
Chapter 7 The City Hall and Fire Department
Chapter 8 Turkey Creek and the Diversion Tunnel
Chapter 9 Early Transportation
Chapter 10 Southwest Boulevard
Chapter 11 Annexation
Chapter 12 Prelude - 1914-1919 ... World War I
Chapter 13 The Seventh Street Trafficway
Appendix 1 Rosedale, Kansas Post Office
Appendix 2 Newspapers of Rosedale, Kansas
Appendix 3 Utilities - Water
Appendix 4 Through the Years - A Chronology
Appendix 5 Looking Back and Remembering
Appendix 6 Acknowledgments

Then & Now Series
Margaret Landis compiled this series of articles for The Kansas City Kansan. The 77 articles ran throughout 1985 and 1986 to lead up to the observance of the City's 100th birthday in 1986.

Article Title Date Published Description
Old church made way for federals 4/7/1985 Church and land sold for a federal building on 7th Street between Ann and Armstrong avenues.
Stained glass windows tell history of KCK 4/14/1985 Information about stained glass windows located in City Hall.
Bridge opened 50 years ago Tuesday 4/21/1985 Details about the 7th Street Trafficway bridge, which opened April 23, 1935.
Wyandotte fire had lasting effect 4/28/1985 Recounting of fire at Wyandotte High School in 1934.
Airport dedication big event here 5/5/1985 Story and details on the defunct Fairfax Airport.
Temple Church Still Serving as Church 5/12/1985 Article focuses on Temple Church then located at 7th and Parallel.
Old mineral baths a Rosedale landmark 5/19/1985 Rosedale used to feature mineral baths at hotel's spa.
War memorials abound here 5/26/1985 Focus of the story is on the various war memorials located throughout Wyandotte County. This includes the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.
Small park colors area on Central 6/2/1985 Article discusses the history of 726 Central Ave.
University once functioned at 27th and Sewell 6/9/1985 History behind the defunct Western University, which was located at 27th and Sewell.
City Hall had additions 6/16/1985 Story focuses on the various additions to City Hall.
Fire department got old City Hall 6/23/1985 Original City Hall was located on the site of the KCK Fire Headquarter building.
Carnival Park was once a bright and shining spot 6/30/1985 Carnival Park once was a booming place for amusement, but eventually shutdown. It's now Dorney Field.
Old street car tracks here reminder of times gone by 7/7/1985 Story focuses on streetcars that used to be in Kansas City, KS.
12th Street Bridge's history long 7/14/1985 Article discusses the history of the 12th Street Bridge.
Town team once drew crowds 7/28/1985 Town used to have club team that was considered a semi-pro baseball team.
Minnesota Avenue was a bustling place 8/4/1985 Article discusses the past of Minnesota Avenue as a business hub in the metro.
Cemetery was tribal ground 8/11/1985 Background on Huron Cemetery as the Wyandot Burying Ground and information about structures surrounding the site.
Interest in libraries here nearly century old 8/18/1985 Story focuses on the history of how libraries in Kansas City were established.
Huron Park dates to 1859 8/25/1985 Huron Park land was acquired Sept. 28, 1859. Article provides an accounting of the park's history.
Hotel was built as momument 9/1/1985 The Grund Hotel was located at 6th and Ann Avenue. The hotel was razed in 1969.
Church lots remembered 9/8/1985 Church lots were located in Huron Place and located between Minnesota and Ann avenues and from 6th to 7th streets.
To northeast corner of Huron Place 9/15/1985 Article focuses on the northeast corner of the Huron Place church lots.
Huron's church lots continued 9/22/1985 Article focuses on the northwest corner of the Huron Place church lots.
Church corners concluded 9/29/1985 Article focuses on a half-acre triangular parces of land that included the northwest corner of Huron Place.
KCK, Leavenworth connected by train 10/06/1985 An electric railway connected Kansas City, Kan., to Leavenworth, Kan. The railway operated from 1900 to 1938.
County created in 1859 10/13/1985 Article focuses on creation of Wyandotte County by the Kansas Territorial Legislature.
Corner home to many tenants 10/13/1985 Story is about tenants in the northwest corner of 7th Street and Minnesota Avenue.
Corner home to many tenants 10/20/1985 Story is about tenants in the northwest corner of 7th Street and Minnesota Avenue.
Labeled largest stack in town 10/27/1985 A brick smoke stack stood more than 187 feet tall and was located at 21st and Metropolitan until razed in 1958.
Kansan history retold in its old papers 11/03/1985 Article focuses on The Kansan newspaper's location along with its history.
Chamber building has history of its own 11/10/1985 Story is about the Kansas City, Kansas Area Chamber of Commerce and its location at 727 Minnesota Ave.
Connelley kept record straight 11/17/1985 Article focuses on local and area historian William E. Connelley.