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Due to a transitional stage, mobile library services are currently suspended.

Welcome to KCKPL's Outreach Projects!

Kansas City, Kansas Public Library's Outreach Services work to serve locations throughout the KCK metro and Wyandotte County. The goal of KCKPL's Outreach Services is to reach the community outside the physical library buildings. The services listed here are some of how we work on this initiative. Read more below about these services.

Interactive Map of Outreach Locations

Little Free Libraries

KCKPL stocks Little Free Libraries weekly with books and comics specifically earmarked for the project. Our staff selects items that make sense for the community. KCKPL staff chooses these items from the recently weeded library collections and donations. All items are free for any community member to take and enjoy. Though the library will keep the Little Free Libraries stocked, the community is also encouraged to follow the Little Free Library organization’s motto of “Take a book; leave a book.” KCKPL hopes the Little Free Libraries will encourage community members to share old favorites as well as discover new ones. Read more about the program in the press release here.


The Text-to-Checkout Program allows people to use their cell phones’ text messaging service to check out physical books from micro libraries. People do not have to be registered users with KCKPL and there are no fines associated with this program. To check a book out or back in, a patron would text a nine-digit code associated with an item to a special phone number. In a matter of moments, patrons should then receive a text back confirming the checkout. Read more about the program in the press release here.

Please note, some Text-to-Checkout Locations are closed locations only available to patrons/employees of that establishment.

Outreach Projects Contact

Linda Bowman
Linda Bowman oversees KCKPL's Little Free Libraries & Text-to-Checkout Outreach Projects.

Contact her directly at lbowman@kckpl.org.