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WyCo Page Turners Information

PDF Version This addresses frequently asked questions about WyCo Page Turners.

Kansas City, Kansas Public Library's Bestseller Club is now WyCo Page Turners.

What is Wyco Page Turners

WyCo Page Turners is a service Kansas City, Kansas Public Library (KCKPL) offers to all its patrons. At this time, we have more than 50 authors to select from as well as a personalized picks feature. The goal of the WyCo Page Turners is to connect readers with top selling authors via automatic holds of the authors of their choosing.

With the name change from Bestseller Club to WyCo Page Turners, KCKPL has included more authors and genres into the service. The program also now includes a new feature allowing KCKPL staff to handpick titles for you every month in the areas of Graphic Novels and/or Urban Fiction.

New participants can sign up online or use logs that will be available at the service desks. KCKPL staff automatically moved patrons already participating in the Bestseller Club to the new WyCo Page Turners.

In addition to the new online sign-up, the webpage includes profiles of each author available and contact information for the collection development team.

How to Sign Up

You can sign up using the form online or by stopping by the service desk at any KCKPL location and asking for a paper form, which also can be found here.

Changing Your Preferences

If you would like to modify your selections, we ask that you complete a new form online or a new paper form at any KCKPL location.

Canceling Service

At any time, you can cancel you participation in this service by either emailing the Collection Development Department directly at collectiondevelopment@kckpl.org or by speaking with a branch employee who will then pass their information to the Collection Development Department.

Author Information

The following criteria are used to evaluate the addition of authors to WyCo Page Turners

1. Popularity in Wyandotte County
2. Demand
3. Publishing trends

Suggesting Authors

We appreciate and welcome all staff and patron feedback, and any suggestions can be sent to: collectiondevelopment@kckpl.org.

The Collection Development Department will add suggested authors when we have received five (5) requests for an author from different patrons and if the authors also meet the previously noted criteria.