Outreach-Outside the Library

Mobile Libraries

Kansas City, Kansas Public Library (KCKPL) launched its Mobile Library service in 2014. The library added two mobile libraries to its fleet in 2016. The mobile libraries are a key component in the library’s mission of connecting members of our dynamic community with information, tools, resources, and welcoming spaces to enrich their lives.

The Mobile Libraries provide access to library collections through on-site collections of items as well as the ability to deliver branch items. They also provide patrons with the ability to access the internet through on-site wireless connections and mobile computer labs.

The purpose of the Mobile Libraries are to serve individuals who have difficulty reaching a library branch. They extend current library services to the larger community and help to lessen the digital divide.


eCommunity serves as an entertainment and information portal to apps and databases that allow you to read, watch, listen and research from any location on a multitude of devices. Click here for more details about our offerings!

Little Free Libraries

KCKPL sponsored Little Free Libraries are located at five bus stops on the 101 bus route, which serves more than 500,000 riders annually. Part of a partnership with UG Transit, the Little Free Libraries are stocked with fiction, nonfiction and comic books.

Deposit Collections

We provide a monthly drop off of library materials tailored to a community or organization's preferences and needs to senior living facilities, children centers and community services agencies in Wyandotte County. If this is something you are interested in doing, contact your nearest library branch.