Hotspot Lending Terms

Hotspot Lending Agreement

PDF Version Updated: 06/16/2023

The hotspot-lending program is a free service that allows library cardholders to check out a hotspot device and connect to reliable broadband internet. A hotspot allows patrons to connect any wireless-enable device to the internet, including laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Hotspots are portable, so you can connect your device to the internet wherever you are. Each hotspot comes with its own data plan.

KCKPL hotspots are provided with funding from the KC Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund. Registered library users must agree to the following terms and conditions to borrow hotspots.

Guidelines for Borrowing & Use of Hotspots

A. Library Users aged 18 and over with library cards in good standing are eligible to check out a KCKPL hotspot device
B. Your library card can not be expired or blocked
C. Hotspots will be checked out for a period of 21 days
D. Hotspots can be placed on hold
E. Hotspots that become overdue will be turned off and billed to the patron for the full amount.
F. Hotspots lost, damaged or returned with missing parts will be billed to the patron according to the schedule below:

  1. Hotspot - $200
  2. USB charging Cable - $10.99
  3. Case - $15.99
  4. Total Kit Replacement - $226.98

Checking Out & Returning a Hotspot

A. Hotspots will be available at the circulation desks of these KCKPL branches: Main, West Wyandotte, South and Turner.
B. The hotspot must be checked out and returned as a complete kit.
C. Each hotspot kit contains: 1 case, 1 hotspot device, 1 USB charging cable, and 1 wall adapter.
D. The hotspot must be returned in person to a branch library. Please do not return them in the bookdrop.

Hotspot Use:

  • Each hotpot uses Verizon 4G network
  • Data is filtered for inappropriate content according to CIPA standards as required by law.
  • Data is unlimited
  • International Data and Roaming is NOT available
  • KCKPL does not track specific internet usage other than the amount of data used.
  • By using the mobile Hotspot, you agree to KCKPL terms and conditions
  • Failure to follow KCKPL Computer Use Requirements, terms, and conditions will result in suspension of hotspot usage.
  • KCKPL is not response for files, data, or personal information accessed or transmitted on a hotspot device.