Patron Code of Conduct

Patron Code of Conduct

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Updated: 06/09/2022

The purpose of the library is to provide equitable access to materials and services in a welcoming and safe environment. Patrons are expected to be courteous and respectful of the rights of others. In order to provide an appropriate environment, the following Code of Conduct is in effect at all times for all people while in the library or on library property. The library reserves the right to make temporary changes for public safety. Patrons who violate the Code of Conduct, may be asked to leave the library premises. The library is not responsible for the loss of property or personal injury to the Patron.

  • Patrons are to use their own card to access materials and services.
  • The use of library phones is limited to children calling for a ride.
  • Patrons will be engaged in activities associated with use of the library.
  • Parking is solely for the use of patrons while they are in the library. Vehicles must be parked in designated spaces. Violations may result in cars being towed at the owner’s expense.
  1. Patrons are expected to follow the instructions of library staff and/or Law Enforcement Officer (LEO).
  2. Loud noise, talking or laughing that could be disturbing to others is not permitted.
  3. Using cell phones, headphones or other electronic devices in a manner that disturbs others is not permitted. Cell phones must be on silent mode.
  4. No running or jumping.
  5. Sleeping, staring, loitering, or littering is not permitted.
  6. Bathing, changing clothes or shaving is not allowed on library property.
  7. The library has the right to prohibit groups and/or individuals from congregating and/or distributing literature in the building, on the grounds or from blocking library entrances and services.
  8. Smoking/tobacco cannot be used and must be put away. This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless or chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers that dispense nicotine, and electronic nicotine delivery systems generally, is prohibited inside or on library properties.
  9. Children’s and Teen areas are to be utilized by children and/or teens. Adult patrons may be asked to leave these areas if unaccompanied by a child or teen, or based on their behavior.
  10. Patrons shall maintain a generally acceptable standard of personal hygiene.
  11. For your safety, Heelies, basketballs, bicycles or other sports equipment may not be brought into the library.
  12. Beverages in a container with a lid are acceptable in the library; food is allowed only in designated areas.
  13. Service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are welcome. No other animals, except for those being used in a library program, are permitted.
  14. Exhibiting or carrying of firearms, knives or weapons of any kind is prohibited.
  15. Patrons may bring no more than two bags into the library, only one of which may be a small gym bag or school type back pack. Other acceptable bags are a small store bag, brief case, laptop bag, messenger bag or purse. Wheeled carts, luggage, bedrolls, and trash bags of any kind are not allowed. Library staff will not store a patron’s personal belongings while patron is in the library.
  16. Patrons shall be fully clothed including footwear. Clothing or accessories may not obscure the face unless such article of clothing is worn for religious purposes, health purposes, or governmental directive.
  17. Carrying or possessing any flammable liquid, explosive, acid or other dangerous substance or material that may emit an offensive odor into the building is prohibited.

The Inappropriate Conduct listed below is not a complete list of violations, but is intended for guidance. Library staff and Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s) have the authority to determine what constitutes inappropriate behavior.

  1. Obscene, offensive, insulting or threatening language and gestures, racial slurs, or hate speech.
  2. Viewing or accessing obscene or pornographic material as defined by law.
  3. Obscene actions and/or engaging in any sexual contact and/or conduct.
  4. Harassing library users or staff (physical, sexual, verbal or stalking).
  5. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drug use, possession, sale or exchange of alcohol or drugs.
  6. Pushing, striking, fighting or bullying.
  7. Theft, vandalism, defacing, altering, destroying of or climbing on property and/or equipment
  8. Refusal to provide proper identification to library staff and/or Law Enforcement.
  9. Gambling on library property.
  10. Soliciting for any purpose and/or panhandling.
  1. Children under the age of 9 and/or individuals with special needs must be supervised by a parent, guardian or caregiver over the age of 11 at all times, including while attending library programs. Unattended children under the age of 9 or individuals with special needs will be given into the custody of the LEO on site or the police.
  2. Patrons under the age of 12 not picked up by parent within 10 minutes of the library closing will be given into the custody of the LEO on site or the police.

Anyone who violates the Patron Code of Conduct, municipal, state, or federal law or regulation will be asked to leave the building and dependent on the severity of the infraction, may be banned from the library and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.